About PhotoTracker
PhotoTracker perfect for people interested in tourism, traveling, and photography! It conveniently presents geo-tagged photos on a map: both photos that were taken by you, and ones that we compiled from popular photo-sites such as Flickr and Panaramio. Besides being a photo-viewer, this app allows for geo-tagging photos taken from an ordinary camera without a GPS navigator!
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• Viewing geo-tagged photos on the world map from your own device, or from Flickr and Panoramio.
• Ability to filter displayed photos by tags.
• Locations of 150000 interesting places on the map taken from Wikimapia, that dream of being photographed!
• Navigation to the chosen photos or places using your phones GPS-system.
• A list for your favorite photos, and convenient export of their links for your blog or website.
• Compiling of your geo-coordinates in a database for attachment to photos taken by a regular camera.
• Export of the geo-coordinates in the GPX format.

Users who decide to connect to their account through PhotoTracker will enjoy extra features:
• Ability to display exclusively one’s own photos on the map.
• Automatic attachment of photos uploaded to the map (just for Flickr’ users).

The photos’ attachment occurs the following way:
Before going on a trip, you create a new “track,” and turn on the collection of your geo-coordinates. During the trip you may take photos with your regular digital camera. After the trip, you can upload the photos to Flickr and the recorded rout is then applied to your photos, using time as the synchronization mechanism to geo-tag your photos. It is important to have the same time on both your phone and your camera for this process to be possible.
E-mail: phototracker.support@kolograph.com
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